how to upgrade and downgrade os blacberry own

Friday, August 31, 2012

hallo .. i will try to explain how to upgrade and downgrade os blacberry own

straight course, the materials should be prepared:

1. pc / laptop

2. usb cables blacberry

3. BBSAK software

4. bb desktop manager

5. blackberry os that will be upgraded or downgraded

step 1: backup blackberry messenger contact with the bb desktop manager

Step 2: backup third-party applications with BBSAK

step 3: wipe blackberry device with BBSAK

step 4: install the os that was downloaded on your pc / laptop

step 5: go back BBSAK, connect with blacberry

Step 6: load os with BBSAK

Step 7: follow the instructions that appear to complete the wizard

after successful ..

step 8: backup restore contact with the bb messenger blackberry desktop manager

step 9: restore backup third party apps with BBSAK

Step 10: viola ... blackberry has been upgraded or terdowngrade ....

who want to download please:


bb desktop manager


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